I recently traveled to Ireland with my husband, I am not one for souveniers, as I like to look at the photographs I bring back as the ultimate souvenier that can take me ‘as close back’ to being in a place as possible. If I do bring something back from our trips it is because A… it was a freaking steal. , B… It has a purpose. or C…. I simply, just can’t live with out it. This shoot was planned around this beautiful dress I stumbled on in a vintage store in Dublin. That checked off options A, B & C, and as soon as I laid eyes on it I just knew I had to have it! Aside from epic memories and photos, this was the only souvenier I brought home from this trip!

Oh, and what a souvenier it turned out to be! I origionally reached out to Francine, (who is a killer seamstress) to see if she could alter the piece, once I had found a model for my shoot. Without hesitation (she says she said it jokingly but I don’t believe her) she offered to model for me, & it couldn’t have been a better fit. Fran the dress even more magical removing the origional sleeves of the dress, shortened them and made them sheer, making the dress a little bit more trendy. Combining both our powers and the super powers of Williams Florist, we were able to pull off one of my favorite shoots to date. We spent the first half of our session shooting with Mikes bike on the side of a matress building.. nope not kidding. Would you ever have any idea! and the evening, we spent casually hanging out in an open field sipping on some beers, laughing our asses off, and just hanging out. It was such a comfortable, laid back environment and the most fun I have had at a shoot ever! I truly don’t know that I have ever felt more inspired.

This is what it is all about guys! Having a blast at your session, letting your hair down and just being yourselves.

A HUGE thank you to Williams Florist, Francine & Mike!

Now lets get down to it… how much do you think I spent on the dress?! (If you make it to the end of this blog post you may find the answer!)

You made it! How much did I spend on this one of a kind Vintage dress, that traveled across the world for this shoot?


That is $70 to create a shoot that filled me with so much happiness and lit my soul on fire! Now that’s the best souvenier ever!

Amanda Schmidt