One of the many highlights of my job, is having the pleasure of meeting people at just the beginning of their journey together and watching them grow over the years. This family is that perfect example. I have watched them grow from having one child, to two, and now onto their third. I have photographed maternity photos for them, and countless family sessions and each time, rather it being a ‘job’ I have to go to, it’s like I get to go hang out with old friends. Seeing them grow both family wise but also into the amazing parents they have become has really been such a treat for me to witness! They talk to their boys with such calm compassion, always make sure they’re having fun and still manage to take care of one another too! I am so thankful to have met you guys and am so happy for your happiness!

Side note.. Sylwia, you better stock the food in the house now, with three boys running around you’re going to need extra servings of everything!

Congratulations to the sweetest little fam on their soon to be, newest addition!!

Amanda Schmidt