Nicole + Samantha Engaged at the cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

Stars really aligned with this shoot! My husband and I have always said Ireland is at the very tippy top of our bucket list of places to adventure to, in fact we had been looking up plane tickets for years and years, but there had never been a time that was just ‘right’ for us to travel. When I saw Nicole, post in a photographer group looking for photographers who may be in Ireland during the time period her and her fiancè would be passing through, I decided to check those flights yet again, just for fun! Honestly I never expected anything to come of it, but jokingly (kind of) I said to my husband hey, you want to go to Ireland in April? To my surprise, he was like umm yes, and spontaneously we booked our flight that night.

Ireland, is one of the most serene, magestic, romantic places I have ever been & so to document these two and the love they have for each other while enjoying such a place, just took this trip beyond our wildest dreams. We met Nicole and Samantha, at the Cliffs of Moher, it had been cloudy and raining every day that week but just for their session the skies opened up and the sunshine graced us with it’s presence. As these two stepped out of their car we all took notice that we had the same exact shoes on.. Guys! I mean the SAME exact shoes.. Jim and Nicole both had the same brand boots on in the same color, and Samantha and I shared shoe taste as well, totally unplanned, so if that didn’t immediately set the tone haha. We sat at the cars for a while and enjoyed some pints of Guiness before headed up to the Cliffs (because when in Ireland, right?!) As we scoped out where we wanted to start, we were in awe of every nook and cranny of this beautiful place, you could literally sit and watch the waves crash for hours on end.

We walked up and down the never ending Cliffs, stopping along the way snapping photos of everything and anything. These two ladies are the most adorable, beautiful couple I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know and shooting with. Their love for each other is so bold, pure and blatently clear when in their precense. The entire shoot they held each other, laughed, and really took in every moment they had together. We had a blast!

I wish them nothing but a lifetime filled with endless laughter and adventure! & now, some favorites from Nicole and Samantha’s Ireland engagement.