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HEY THERE! Man oh man! With tonights third ever, shootout on the horizon I thought it would be the perfect time to blog a bit about our EPIC August Scottiebe Shootout styled by the amazingly bubbly vibrant talented ( ok.. somebody stop me I could go on and on.) Sarah, of Lovely Red Head. When my son pulled Sarahs name out of the hat, for Augusts styling I was jumping for joy! Let me tell you, I have shot with Sarah on numerous occasions, she is actually one of the only photographers I went into these shootouts already having known, and her talent BLOWS me away. Like if we could all get a day pass to her creative brain I think we would probably all quit because it is probably a world of things we can’t top. HA! Point is, I knew she would kill it and I was so excited to see what she would put together for us all! Naturally she didn’t disappoint! For our August shootout she styled one model, two vintage beach looks. We spent the night following her lead, playing with beach balls, building sand castles and for some of us that meant, we would wind up waste deep in lake Erie! Anything for the shot, right?! Sarahs shoot matched her personality to the tee and the outcome was so incredible.

I have said this on social media alot lately, but I think I should say it here as well, so it doesn’t disappear in a 24 hour story and it is some place more permanant. But I am feeling beyond grateful for this little photography community all coming together! I have not only gotten to meet so many faces I have followed for years but also these shootouts have given so many of us the opportunity to be introduced to new creatives that we hadn’t yet heard of. It has brought so many people together and truthfully given me a space I can feel safe in, meeting new people, bouncing ideas off of each other, just really being the supportive community that we should be. Our first shootout brought in 11 people and I was overjoyed, then August word caught on and 15 people walked up.. then 2 more.. then 3 more .. they just kept coming! It is mind boggling to me that this thing I thought would go pratically nowhere has expanded the way that it has in such a short period of time. I can only see things growing and getting better from here! Thank you to everyone who continues to make these events a positive experience and such a success!


“I can’t say enough good things about the Scottiebe Shootouts. I have been lucky enough to attend both of them so far. Each one I have left feeling REFRESHED and feeling like I’m on a bit of a creative high. Having so many creatives come together has been a dream of mine since I moved back to Buffalo 3 years ago. When I first heard this was going to be a thing, I was NERVOUS. I mean like, butterflies in your stomach nervous. So many talented strangers, people that I have long time followed on Instagram/ Facebook… all going to be in one spot?? Holy nerves. I know that I am not the only one that felt that. As soon as you show up and you introduce yourself its like a huge weight lifted off your shoulder…. So many likeminded individuals coming together to put our talents together and make something amazing happen… HOW COOL IS THAT!?! After the second shootout that Sarah Westphal styled, I literally cried. Had tears running down my face. There were over 20 people there to photograph her killer vintage beach vibes. The amount of love and support we have in our little tiny community is insane. It’s overwhelming in the best way possible. So thank you, Amanda, for bringing us all together. I hope this stays a forever thing and I hope more people feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell, just like I did and come to the next one!!” - Emily Easton | Basically Emily

Enjoy some behind the scenes of all the august happenings below! To see more photographer work from this shootout & to keep up with all current and future events visit @scottiebeshootouts on instagram!


Amanda Schmidt